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We believe that relationship networking fosters a trade of ideas and solutions that can lead to sustainable long-term relationships, mutual trust and, good business practice. All of our events are strategically designed to bring together like-minded individuals and solution-oriented organisations who share the same end goal, values, vision and purpose.


The network consists of multidisciplinary members to include Geoscientists, Geologists, Geochemiststs, Hydrogeologiestss, Environmentalists, geochemists, ecotoxicologists, biologists, Mining professionals and, more.


Our multidisciplinary approach opens doors for industry collaboration, and builds on continuous improvement, strategies, and sustainable relationships.

Our event programs include multidisciplinary expertise in environmental monitoring strategies and management to minimize impacts from mining; develop and promote new technologies and approaches for mine remediation and rehabilitation,  and fill knowledge gaps to ensure a sustainable positive legacy for the industry and surrounding communities.


Global learning and engagement offer opportunities to engage multi-discipline industry stakeholders, stimulate critical and creative thinking and develop informed networks. 

The Jazcorp Mines and Environment network includes mining and environmental industries locally, nationally and internationally. Stay informed on news around the world including case studies, challenges, and solutions.

Network Membership 

Non-ABN users can join the network and pay a lower rate for the year. Network membership guarantees the Early Bird price and where the early bird price is not listed, then a reduced rate of 20% applies for all Network Membership tickets for all events.  

Corporate Membership 

Corporate Membership is designed for ABN users or Companies. Corporate members pay the Early Bird price or a 20% reduced rate for all events for all staff or personnel. 

Suppliers of innovative products or service solutions pay 10% less for Annual Sponsorships or event exhibits. 

Corporate Members can also display their logo on the website and have brochures included in satchels at select events and conferences at no cost. 


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Business Networking


Mines and Environment's Multi-Discipline Network boasts  Geotechnical Engineers, Geochemists, Research Fellows,  Mining Representatives, Geologists, Environmentalists across the Globe. 

Events, workshops, seminars and Conferences are held throughout the year. 

Programs are carefully researched and designed to address changes in legislation, operational challenges, environmental solutions and global impacts.

Network members pay Early Bird rates for all events for all events and are regularly updated with information through our monthly newsletter

Connect today. Remain updated, informed, connected and educated 

We will confirm your registration once approved, within 24 hours 

Please contact us if you cannot access this form 

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