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Andrew Nelson headshot.jpg

Andrew Nelson 

Principal Hydrogeology

Mineral Resources Limited


Andrew is a hydrogeologist, hydrogeochemist and environmental scientist with over 14 years of experience in consulting and the mining industry. Originally from Victoria, he has worked across the country in various roles relating to mine water management, with a strong focus on the mine closure phase including projects in mineral sands, Latrobe Valley coal mines and most recently the Ranger Uranium Mine.


He has spent the last four years living in Jabiru NT, within Kakadu National Park, and has recently relocated back to Perth with his family where he is applying his mine water management background to a new role with the Lithium division of Mineral Resources Limited. 

Environmental monitoring and managing water quality on rehabilitated landforms


The process of re-establishing ecosystems on historic mining landforms is necessary to meet mine closure criteria and eventual land relinquishment but is also increasingly a consideration in the planning process of new mining ventures.


Commonly, the ecosystem component which presents the biggest threat to successful mine closure and rehabilitation projects is water-related risks.

In this presentation, the key themes of rationalization of environmental monitoring, catchment management of rehabilitated landforms, and environmental data management in closure are presented for consideration in new and existing mine closure implementation projects.

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