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Multi-discipline Innovative Solution-Focused

Emphasizing the continued advancement of the minerals and metals sector, Mines and Environment recognizes that maintaining sound and effective stakeholder management is pivotal in achieving positive outcomes.

We firmly believe that fostering constructive stakeholder engagement is essential for establishing mutual understandings and working collectively towards sustainability in the industry.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us at various events, conferences, and workshops that we host throughout the year. These gatherings serve as platforms for meaningful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative efforts to navigate the evolving landscape of the minerals and metals sector.

Your participation is not only valued but integral to shaping the future of responsible and sustainable practices in this dynamic industry.

thank you to all who attended the 2024 mines and enivronment mine closure conference perth

The sold-out event was attended by various disciplines in the Mining and Environmental Space! -

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of this event

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Bridging the Gap for Interdisciplinary Collaboration  & Communication 






About Us

Mines and Environment stands as a national, multi-disciplinary industry network with a focused commitment to connecting, updating, inspiring, and educating stakeholders across the country.

Our robust and diverse approach has propelled the network's rapid expansion.

We continuously conduct research on current challenges, monitor changes in legislation, codes, systems, and global events that significantly impact the management of partnerships and individual roles within the mining and environmental sectors.

In collaboration with local and national industry experts, associations, stakeholders, bodies, and universities, we design, develop, and deliver comprehensive event programs that support Continuous Professional Development.

These programs are showcased at our signature events, conferences, and seminars held throughout the year.

Our Conference and Event programs cover a broad spectrum of critical topics, including the latest in Mining and Environmental legislation , Mine Closure and Rehabilitation strategies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Climate change and the broader environmental implications of mineral mining.


Specifically, we address issues such as waste management, environmental protection expenditure, rehabilitation efforts, and industry self-regulation.

Beyond this, our focus extends to areas such as:

  • Mineral exploration's impact on the environment

  • Acid mine drainage

  • The rate of mineral resource use

  • Chemical pollution during processing, including incidents of spilling, leaking, or leaching of chemical agents (e.g., cyanide, sulfuric acid) into nearby water bodies

  • Heavy metal contamination and leaching in various mining operation areas

Our commitment to a holistic understanding of the industry is reflected in our consideration of diverse environmental factors, including biodiversity, ecosystem services, water management, mine waste and tailings, air and noise pollution, energy consumption, and the broader implications for climate change, including carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

We also delve into the management of hazardous substances and the intricacies of mine closure.

Join Mines and Environment in exploring these critical dimensions of the minerals and metals sector.

Together, we strive to foster responsible practices, promote sustainable development, and address the pressing environmental challenges facing our industry today.

Conferences and Events are held throughout the year. 

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