• Lynn Gabriel

Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management

On 5 August 2020, Dr Bruno Oberle, alongside ICMM, UNEP and PRI launched the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management. The Standard was developed by a multi-disciplinary Expert panel, with input from a multi-stakeholder Advisory Group. The review involved extensive public consultation with affected communities, government representatives, investors, multilateral organisations and mining industry stakeholders and is informed by existing best practice and findings from past tailings facility failures. The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management strives to achieve the ultimate goal of zero harm to people and the environment with zero tolerance for human fatality. Underpinned by an integrated approach to tailings management, the Standard aims to prevent catastrophic failure and enhance the safety of mine tailings facilities across the globe. It embodies a step-change in terms of transparency, accountability and safeguarding the rights of project affected people. Comprising six Topic areas, 15 Principles and 77 auditable Requirements, the Standard will ultimately be supported by implementation protocols that will provide detailed guidance for certification, or assurance as applicable, and for equivalence with other standards.


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