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Jazcorp Mines and Environment was established in Western Australia,  partnering with the Water Quality and Environmental Network - divisions of Jazcorp Australia Pty Ltd Established in 2007.

The organisation serves as an industry solution-focused -  connecting disciplines across the mining and environmental sectors using the principles of information, education, networking and commercial opportunities. 


Conferences, Events, Seminars and Workshops are held throughout the year covering topics on Mining, Legislation, Environmental impact assessments, Environmental impacts of mineral mining, such as wastes, environmental protection expenditure, rehabilitation and industry self-regulation.

Other areas include ; 

  • Mineral exploration impact on the environment

  • Acid mine drainage

  • Rate of mineral resource use

  • Processing chemical pollution - spilling, leaking or leaching of chemical agents (i.e. cyanide, sulphuric acid) from the minesite into nearby water bodies.

  • Heavy metal contamination and leaching  and areas of Mining operations

  • Environment: biodiversity, ecosystem services, water management, mine waste / tailings, air, noise, energy, climate change (carbon footprint, greenhouse gas), hazardous substances, mine closure.



Jazcorp Australia's Jazcorp Mines and Environment works closely with Government agencies, Universities, Experts, Bodies, Associations locally and globally


The network consists of multidisciplinary members to include hydrologists, environmental chemists, geochemists, ecotoxicologists, biologists, hydrogeologists and more.


Our multidisciplinary approach opens doors for industry collaboration, builds on continuous improvement, strategies and sustainable relationships.

Our event programs include multidisciplinary expertise in environmental monitoring strategies and management to minimise impacts from mining; develop and promote new technologies and approaches for mine remediation and rehabilitation,  and filling knowledge gaps to ensure a sustainable positive legacy for the industry and surrounding communities.

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Global learning and engagement offers opportunities to engage multi-discipline industry stakeholders, stimulate critical and creative thinking and develop informed networks. 

The Jazcorp Mines and Environment network includes mining and environmental industries locally, nationally and internationally. Stay informed on news around the world to include case studies, challenges and solutions.

Our Mission

  • Connect

  • Inform

  • Update

  • Educate

  • Inspire

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Join Mining and Environmental personnel across the globe.

Connect with us and remain updated for future workshops, conferences, seminars and events.


The Network is free to join and offers stable early bird rates for all events.

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